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Natural Sweeteners

#Sugar is one of the craziest additives I’ve ever researched and to be honest it's one of those additives that just makes me downright mad. While yes, I get it, it makes foods and baked items taste super yummy, it is an additive that is not needed by the human body. Like truly, our bodies do NOT need sugar to thrive and survive, so why is it so prominent in our foods today? Well, to keep you wanting more of course. Sugar addiction is a hard habit to kick, but with a little #nutritionswitch, you can find yourself on the other side of that habit.

Here are a few of my fave #naturalsweeteners and a few of the ways I use them!!

1. Agave Nectar- this Brand isn’t the best as far as weight loss, but it’s better than sugar! I swear my hubby means well when he wants to try something new, but he doesn’t always check nutrition label for the same things I do! He checks ingredients; I check ingredients and nutrition label!

But agave nectar is great for baking, hot drinks like coffee/tea, drizzled on yogurt parfaits, etc!

2. Honey- not honey from the grocery store in the cute little bear shaped containers! Get local honey from your local feed store or farm! Honey helps naturally fight allergies for your geographic!! Ever want to go on an interesting rabbit hole, study the impact bees have on human life! It’s astonishing!!

I typically use honey with hot water and lemon, some baking and also drizzled over apple slices sprinkled with cinnamon!!

3. Stevia extract and Pryure granules are a great substitute for baking traditional cakes, cookies, etc, but adds a little #KetoSwitch or healthier alternative option!

4. Liquid Stevia also great sprinkled over fresh fruit, in hot liquids like coffee and tea, etc!!

5. Sugar in the raw is a healthier alternative to traditional granulated sugar since it doesn’t go through the same process!!


Since it's not pictured above, I'd like to take some time to call out Swerve. It's available as a sugar, brown sugar and confectioner sugar substitute and is now, my absolute fave sugar substitute. It is easy to work with, offers a 1:1 ratio with regular sugar and is vegetarian, keto and clean eating approved for those times you just want a sweet treat.

What is your favorite sweetener to use?

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