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Some Basic Nutrition Switches

Let’s talk oils for a minute!! Vegetable and canola oils are not the best oils to use when you’re following clean eating and especially if you’re looking to lose weight!! I change up what oil I use based on what I’m cooking or what meal plan our family is following, but here are a few I recommend you have stocked in your pantry!!

Olive oil is my absolute fave for sautéing garlic and veggies. Grape seed and Avocado oils are great for “fried” like recipes, they both provide such a clean fry!! When we made avocado egg rolls we used Grape Seed Oil and they were an amazing treat the entire family enjoyed.

I've been using coconut oil more and more, this coconut oil here isn’t the best, typically you want an unrefined coconut oil, but this is what the husband bought, so I’ll use it until it’s gone and then get what I normally get, which is Simple Nature coconut oil!

Olive oil cooking spray is what I use often with baking and breakfast foods like egg white omelettes, almond flour pancakes, sweet potato waffles, and more.

Ghee or Irish Grassfed Butter are ideal for keto meal plans.

Brands of Oils

With all of these oils, I don't use any specific brand, I generally go with a generic store brand, Simple Nature or whatever suits our budget at the time to be quite frank. The point is, other than making sure it isn't loaded with a bunch of "extra" ingredients/chemicals, any brand should be fine.

What oils do you use most to cook with?!

I always tell people, don't throw away perfectly good food. So continue with what you already have and just make the #nutritionswitch at your next grocery store trip/order and begin phasing out unhealthy eats in your pantry or refrigerator.

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