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World on Fire Coaching

Erika-Michelle Best is a retired 20-year pro in the Network Marketing space. Since resigning from Network Marketing, she has set out on a mission to help other entrepreneurs set their worlds on fire through personal branding, attraction marketing and finding their niche and target market for the product, business or service they offer.

She takes her years of experience and trial and error and applies in her coaching. Whether you are apart of her free community or decide on a paid course with her, your business will grow, flourish and change for the better.

If you're looking to level up in your opportunity, World on Fire Coaching is the place for you! See ya on the flip side!

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Free Coaching Community

Join other entrepreneurs in a fun, friendly and industry neutral community for coaching on personal branding, social selling and curiosity & attraction marketing. Inside of World on Fire Coaching I offer complimentary weekly trainings, monthly challenges and opportunities to connect and grow your network!

Business Branding Course

Looking for some extra training or more one on one coaching? Join my community of clients growing their brand and businesses in a way that helps them stand out amongst the crowd.

Business Coaching

Choose between single or multiple one on one coaching sessions with Erika-Michelle Best. One on one coaching allows for a focused work in your business. Coaching sessions include ZOOM calls, training materials and more.





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